Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The child within me....

When I was about five or six, I loved behaving like an adult. I stole Mamma’s lipstick and roamed around with her purse on my shoulder, pretending to go to office and getting tired and coming home and what not. I loved to be useful and responsible, never knowing the real meanings of these. I just couldn't wait to grow up. And now when I have grown up, I don’t know how to go back.
Where my bag used to be filled with books and papers and pencils and loads and loads of mischief, today my bags are full with documents and files and laptops and notes and loads and loads of work. Where I could be friends easily even with the butterflies in the garden, today I find it difficult to even acknowledge a person sitting next to me. Where a deep night’s sleep was an everyday affair, today sleep is just a formality.
I miss my lovely self. The little innocent smile, eyes full of sparkle, little feet running around and creating a ruckus, messed up hair and palms smudged in dirt. No fear of falling, no knowledge of death, not knowing what winning or losing means so nothing to be afraid of. Saying sorry and thank you was so easy then. Because I didn't know what the big “E” of “Ego” means. No judgments, no opinions.
I miss me. I miss that little thing that imitated adults but didn't really have to bear all the responsibilities. I miss the time when going wrong and making mistakes was okay and not a very big deal – the time when my only priority was me.
None of us can go back to where we came from. But we still have something that can be amended - today. None of us can look and predict and define the events of the next day. But we can see – today.
Let us all look into the mirror and venture deep into our eyes, to find out the small child in us who still loves to live today. Let’s grab that favorite chocolate, candy, ice cream and cake. Let’s look at the bird out there and smile. Let’s hear the sparrow chirp and try chirping with it. Let us be unafraid to let people know that we love them. Let us be easy with the “sorry” and the “thank you”.
Hoping and wishing that all of us find the child from within us and let it be there for as long as we breathe, because life is easy if we take it easy.

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