Friday, 27 June 2014

The Last Little Chapati

When I was little, I used to tag along with my Granny while she cooked. She knew I loved to cook, so she used to let me make the last chapati with a little ball of dough and helped me roast it. Those were delightful days. I felt like a big girl when I made the last little chapati.

Today, I am 28 n my Granny 84. Today,  when I make chapatis for family, my Granny tags along. She looks at me longingly. I know she still loves to cook but doesn't remember any longer how to do it. So I give the last little dough ball and teach her how to. She makes it and is delighted because she helped.

I cherish these moments and wonder how life has turned the tables. I feel blessed because life gave me this opportunity. To give back a part of my life, to the people who gave me my life. And to my Granma who gave me my first lesson of the last little Chapati.

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