Friday, 27 March 2015

Movie review - NH10

Burn a woman and you burn only her.. burn someone she loves and she will show you what raising hell is, what burning into ashes is. One movie that has depicted every kind of harrasment a woman has to undergo in a mere 2 hour script. You go to a multi national company and you find educated people passing snide indirect remarks on the character of a woman employee if they find she is climbing the ladder of success better and faster than them. And amazingly these are not just men. You go at a party and you find people judging you by the length and the width of your smile. You get on the roads and you find men sneering and whistling and teasing and making derogatory remarks and then there is always rape, molestation, honor killing and blah blah blah.

What awed me about the movie is the fact that mere one enraged woman wrecked lives of four men. She knew her strength is not going to work, so she chose brains, she chose endurance, she chose persistence. In a society where public toilets, bus stops, tree trunks have "Raand Saali" engraved on them, where 70 year old men talk freely about having a 25year old woman on their beds, this movie is a horrific depiction of the gross facts of the society we live in. What moved me to tears is the transformation of a pretty young loving girl into an emotionless expressionless avenger. Giving back what she got , jo karna tha so karna tha.

"Jaha bijli pani nahi aata, vaha desh ka kanoon kaha se ayega" - is such a gruesome truth that one cannot ignore. And what is at the end of it all - Mati ka Palang. 

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