Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day

My mommy asked me a few days back, why is being a mother so hyped these days? She said "I am a mother since so long but I don't remember doing anything abnormal. Suddenly we have a Mother's day, a Matru Din, so many posts asking to be shared if you love your Mother. What is such a big deal about being a Mother?" I stared at her for about a minute trying to understand her question. Is she trying to tell me that being a Mother is a piece of cake? Did she just ask me why her role is being worshipped?

Uhh !! Naah !! My Mom isn't that naive. She is my Mom. There has to be something hidden in these questions. A hint of sarcasm ? A different question altogether? Before answering I thought I better read between the lines once. So I thought about an apt response, but you got to be careful when it is my Mom. So i decided to answer it with another question. Reverse psychology. I asked her, "Does it make you uncomfortable to be put in the place of Gods? Does it not make you proud of the fact that your work is being recognized finally?" Her answer left me short of all the words in the world.

She said, "Let us leave aside the days and all. For me my Mother is my responsibility till the end of my life. But you guys today, after an age, decide that your life is your own. You fly away to foreign countries to never come back. You leave your parents and shift to a different house because you think, we are an intrusion in your life. Do you seriously think we mean to intrude? I mean, weren't we who brought you in this world? So technically, weren't you who came as an intrusion in our lives in the first place? Of course we don't think about you that way. But then its just that considering this can't we have any say in your life? I understand that we get too touchy about certain things. Too emotional and even possessive at times. But don't you also get emotional and possesive for your boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and every other individual that you like in the course of your life? Isn't it just fair if we feel the same for someone who has been our flesh and blood? Why does it then irritate you so much? And why are we thrown out of the houses when we need you the most? We taught you to walk, talk, learn, count, eat, laugh. We felt ten times more pain than you when it hurt you. We gave you all that we could even when we couldn't afford that. We gave up all that we loved just to make you smile. You kicked us, hurt us. But we stayed on. To get thrown out from your lives one day, when you find someone who would mean more than us to you. Why? And then you celebrate these days." Dumbfounded. I couldn't react. Then she said, "Don't you worry. I have saved enough for myself so that when I am old and cranky, I don't become a burden on you." And she just walked away. Well !! Stunned !!

Today I want to reply to all that, "Mamma, I don't know why did you even think like that. I don't know about others. But for me leaving you was NEVER an option. No matter how many relations come and go in my life. No matter how much cranky you get. No matter how many fights we have. No matter how many times you and me shout at each other. No matter anything in this world. You will always be with me. You have saved the money thinking I would leave you someday and you would have to take care of yourself. Now use the same money to splurge. Ask me for more if you want. Whatever you missed when you were young and I was your responsibility, do all of that. Wear funky clothes. Party hard. Pamper yourself. Love yourself. Travel the world. Go crazy. Let me hold you going forward in this journey of life. Let me love you with the same passion with which you have loved me till date. Give me all your sorrows and tensions and just go back to when you were a baby. I promise that even if you get on my nerves, I will not leave you. Ever. My life is your gift and its my time to give you all that back. I love you." Happy Mother's Day my Love.

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