Tuesday, 16 June 2015

No no no school please

A new bag, a new uniform, diligently pressed, a new set of pens and pencils, scales, erasers, geometry box.. a new school teacher, some old some new friends, a new resolve, a new schedule... School reopening marks the beginning of many new such things... Mothers and Fathers dropping of their kids at school or helping them board buses...

So while I was just sitting in the window yesterday, I saw this Father coming to help his daughter board her school bus... It was her very first bus ride ever to school... I could very clearly see the tear in the Father's eyes as his daughter howled at the top of her voice... 3 years of being together... Days spent in her Father's arms.. suddenly when her Father is letting her go she might have some feelings like these inside her.... 

" Why are you tying my shoe laces so tight Papa? Why are you giving me such a heavy bag? I don't want the new dress I was troubling you for..I swear on God that I won't nag... 

I hate to go away from you Papa, 
Why can't you see?
Am I such a burden Papa,
you want to set yourself free?

Why did you give me so much love Papa,
Just to become such a hard stone?
In a place full of strangers, they look at me with questions, 
If you just had to leave me like this alone? 

I hate to be away from Mum, 
And I know so does she...
Then why isn't she stopping you Papa,
Why can't she see?

I will be a good baby Papa,
Give me little time,
I will brush my teeth on time Papa,
And I will sing all the new rhymes

Oh ! Look the school bus is nearing us,
No, no, no Papa,
Please listen to me, don't do this to us...

Did I just see a tear in your eyes Papa?
So you also don't want me to go,
but you are still doing this Papa,
Why, please let me know!

Oh ! I remember you told me last night Papa,
That you want me to grow,
You want me to see this world and you want me to flow,

Like a river, whose destinations are infinite,
You want me to look at the world,
With new eyes and new mind,
You want me to unfurl...

I know you are hurt more than me Papa,
I can hear your heart beating loud,
And if you are doing all this for me Papa,
Then I also want to make you proud...

No matter how hard it is for both of us Papa,
I will do what you want me to,
Tell Mum that I will soar the skies exactly the way she wants,
And learn everything new.

As I board the bus, I see your tear drop, right on your cheek, it slides in invisibility,
And I know that you will follow my bus with your bike, 
Till you see me inside the school all hale and hearty,

Oh ! You love me so much Papa,
I swear I love you too,
Wait for me till the evening,
For me to come back and hug you... "


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    2. Oh this is indeed lovely and doesn't for a bit "bog" me down. Haha. Thank you for this. I shall join soon. I do not know how does one do it through phone. So once I am home tonight I shall do so. - Anushree (I do not know why does it show unknown - possibly the phone issues)