Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pain - It is yours

No darling
I cannot take your pain away.
No matter how much I wish to.
No matter that it pains me twice as much as it pains you.
I cannot take it from you.

People can intrude into happiness. They can intrude into anxieties. They can intrude into peace. They can even intrude into tears. They can intrude into every fathomable emotion. But they cannot, just cannot, intrude into someone's pain.

We were born with the agonies we were supposed to endure. And I don't know whether fortune or misfortune it is, that no one was born with the ability to take it away.

So I cannot take away your pain. I can, however, stay by you and endure it with you. I can, however, hold you and whisper to you infinitely that "You are strong, and this shall pass", without quite knowing if it helps. I can, however, just try to pass on as much strength into you as is possible through my bare hands and soul. I can just be there and hope, desperately, intensely, with all the ardour, that it would help.

I cannot take your pain my dear, it is for you to endure, but I can pledge my soul to yours, so you just know you are not alone and would never be.


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